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Video Production

Our TV teams are the people trusted to produce programmes for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4

TV Production Shot

Customer Commendation

“PressChoice is my go to production company whenever I need to deliver corporate videos, films or webinars.  In my 25+ years in corporate communications, I have never worked with such an innovative producer and crew.


Their production team work to the highest standards, often on very challenging deadlines, and go above and beyond at every stage of the production process  - from developing the creative to the final edit.  The end result always surpasses expectations, producing a product that is engaging, relevant and impactful.”

Amy Kroviak, Head of Stakeholder Engagement, OBIE (Open Banking Implementation Entity)

The Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) is the company set up by the Competition & Markets Authority in 2016 

Specialising In cost effective video production working to tight budgets and deadlines

In addition to our work for the BBC, our recent corporate video clients include ING and Open Banking

We can make the same quality videos for you and your organisation - we come up with all the ideas and work to tight timelines and budgets.

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We made this broadcast video for the BBC to highlight the growing influences of a younger generation in China. Client: BBC

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As well as documentaries for the BBC and long form videos and projects for corporate clients, during lockdown we have also been providing regular remote videos. In just one day on a very limited budget, we film their colleagues, edit the interview, remove the background, add extra footage, add graphics, add music and subtitles.


It provides regular contact between the company and its stakeholders and ensures its reputation remains strong and its communication remain effective and relevant. Do talk to us about how we can provide regular remote video content at amazingly competitive pricing. 

TV Advert

Connecting Technology & Sport

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This television advertisement was created to show the link between increasing performance analysis in sport and the technological and analytical performance approach of the client. It marked the client's sponsorship of the Harlequins rugby team. 

Client: Saxo

Chief Executive Video 

Annoucement & Profile Buidling

CEO & Deal Video
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We created this video for a CEO to introduce a crucial deal both to the market and their own colleagues. We provided a filming location in a designer loft, to match the appeal and values of the brand and we provided multiple edit versions for different audiences from internal, external and social media audiences, in order to support the company's communications team. 

Client: Tandem Bank

An Introduction Video

Explaining the business video

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This corporate video was designed to be used at trade shows and conferences to explain the opportunities for the business to some of its stakeholders. Client: OPEN BANKING

Company Values Videos

For internal use 

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This video was made to be used for a large bank to show case its diversity policies. Client: ING

Cost-Effective Socially Distanced Videos

Fast turnaround CEO video

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Our Client was a charity with an ambitious plan to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for clean water, sanitation and plastics recycling. Almost  third of people on earth don't have running water at home, nor good access to sanitation. Water Unite are working to change that and their founder wanted a quick and cost effective way to bring his end-of-year statement to life with video and graphics. Client: Water Unite

Introducing The Press Office

Distributed to journalists 

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We were asked to help the press team build bridges with the media and introduce the group to influential opinion formers and show how they were friendly and different from the perception many had of a traditional company media team. Client: Zurich

Chief Executive Videos

Establishing  a profile 

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This video was made to help manage and promote a client's reputation and profile.  Client: Saxo Markets

Motivational Conference Video

Paralympian Ambassador

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This video was part of an internal comms campaign to demonstrate the company's commitment to inclusion and a shared ambition to give colleagues an opportunity to stretch their horizons - in a 'Know You Can' campaign.

Client: AXA

High Street Brand Video


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We were asked to create a short video about bank accounts for dogs, to be released on April 1st. The videos were amongst the most popular ever released by the client. Client: Metro Bank

From Locations Around The World

      Commissioned to being on air in one day