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Top Tips For Remote Filming Of Interviews

Remote working has changed many things for us all. Whilst it is still possible to film on location in a safe way, many companies have started to film small clips of their leading spokespeople via Teams, Skype and Zoom.

Whist the technology itself, is very simple to use, there are a few professional tips which can dramatically improve the quality of the video you record.


Here is our short guide to help make the most of your remote filming. 

Blank Person.png

Don’t leave too much space above your head. If in doubt, frame it so it look a little like a passport photo. However, it can be effective to off-set the frame, so you are not too central, especially if there is an interesting background.

Raise the level of the laptop so that your eyes are more or less in-line with the camera itself. You don’t want the camera looking up your nose or down at your face too much. This will probably mean having to raise the laptop on a pile of books.

Laptop Blank.png

You can use a window to make sure you are well lit. The larger the window – the more and the softer the light can be. It also partially side-lights you, which can create an extra,  subtle effect.

In addition, you can use a desk light or even buy a ring light, which is increasingly popular and easily bought online.

light 1.png

People often worry about the video and then forget the sound – which can be almost as important. The mic on your computer is fine but it is a lot better if you use a clip mic otherwise known as a  lavalier mic. There are lots to choose from – a mid-range option from Rode, can be easily bought online. Make sure the connection fits your computer or phone. 

Having set up your shot nicely, you can be let down by the quality of the broadband connection which can make the picture fuzzy or jumpy. This is not usually a great problem, however one option is to buy a small tripod for your mobile phone and film your clips inside or outside. Then you send the video to the producer. Remember to film landscape not portrait.


Sometimes filming like this, gives you more flexibility to get a better shot. But remember, if you are filming a little distance from your face – the shot might look great, but the phone mic may not pick you up so well – so it can be more important to use a separate mic with a long enough wire.


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