As well as bespoke research for many of the UK's biggest companies and organisations, we regularly conduct more general and sometimes fun bits of research. We've decided to share those here - in our PressChoice Studio space. 


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Email Media Camapaign effectiveness

In 2019 PressChoice looked at how many unopened emails journalists had in their inbox. On average they had 14,000 in their inbox but she had a lot more.

For over a decade PressChoice has been tracking the perceived trustworthiness of the finance industry amongst leading journalists. We have more recently added other industries. 

How to make a succesful Corporate Twitter Videoe

Videos of 1 minute and under perform best on Twitter and we have asked leading journalists what social media platforms companies should use to make best contact with them.

If you'd like to know more about how to make creative video content, understand more about who journalists trust and why and how to best understand how to contact journalists - please join some of the biggest companies in the UK who use the PressChoice reputation research and content production. 

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