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Who Do Journalists Believe?


The media’s view of the most honest and dishonest industries has been revealed by new

Research by the reputation measurement company PressChoice.


For our research into perceptions of the UK’s Most Honest Industries, PressChoice surveyed and interviews over 230 senior journalists who cover Business, the City, Finance, and Retail and measures categories such as Press Office Performance, Leadership, Familiarity and overall reputation.


The Retail Industry is considered the most honest industry whilst the Energy and Utilities industries least likely to be believed by journalists. The financial services industry hasn’t been in positive territory (actually believed) for over a decade.


“We have seen a lot of financial service companies looking to the retail industry to try and learn lessons on how they can emulate the strategies retailers have used to build relationships with both consumers and the media. Over the past few years we have looked at how this is done and increasingly forward-looking financial companies are trying to engage in a better way.


There is also positives for the financial services industry which has been improving over the past few years, and although there is clearly more work to do, our research highlights some shining examples of best practise when dealing with the media.”

– Chris Stenlake, Director of Data and Analytics at PressChoice.

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