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Reputation Research

What journalists say about our research

"I can tell you, your questions are infinitely more interesting than the ones done by MORI"   City Editor National newspaper

PressChoice Reputation Reseaerch
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Customer Comments

“I have found the service …. to be superb” 

Lloyds Banking Group


“The report and the service provided, has been a really effective tool”


“We have always been delighted with the research ….Their personal attention to our objectives …. make them stand out from the rest. They offer excellent value and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Chartered Insurance Institute.

Some of the Clients who have trusted PressChoice as their research partner
Media Reputation Reseach

The PressChoice Media Reputation Reports provide an annual independent measurement of corporate reputations amongst the most influential opinion formers in the media.


Our methodology allows us to respond to constant changes in the market and to know what new measurements matter most to our clients each year. 


The PressChoice reports help clients understand the media and their brand and chart their reputational progress. By providing a deeper understanding of reputation, we help companies improve their effectiveness.

Social Media Audit

Many clients have asked us to help them in 2018 with a more analytical approach to understanding what works and what doesn't with their social media strategy. Our Social Media Audit, examines the best practice in the industry and offers insight into the effectiveness of a company's social media tools. It offers quantitative comparisons with companies operating in the same industry and an in-depth qualitative analysis and insight into what can be learned from other companies in other industries.  

Reputation Research
Personal Finance
Media Reputation

The PressChoice Personal Finance Media Reputation Report examines the reputation of companies amongst approximately 165 of the country’s most influential opinion formers in the personal finance media. It looks in depth at 25 of the leading financial services companies, banks and building societies.


By tracking over 200 different measures, the report provides a detailed analysis of corporate reputation and offers comparisons within the industry. The research looks behind the journalists’ writing to understand why they think the way they do about companies and products.


As a result, we are able to provide client-companies not just a snapshot of their reputation but an understanding of what is driving reputation.

Reputation Research
Retail Industry
Media Reputation

Our new Retail Industry Media Reputation Report examines the impact the largest retailers have made amongst both the wider business press and the specialist retail trade press.It highlights how some have managed to promote their image and identifies areas in which companies can make better use of their reputational assets. 

Reputation Research
Business & City
Media Reputation

The PressChoice Business & City Media Reputation Report examines the reputation of 27 leading banks and retailers amongst the country’s most influential opinion formers in the Business & City media. We survey 100 journalists with a combined readership of 10 million people.


The participant-journalists in our study focus primarily on macro corporate issues including those which affect the share price and the perceived reputation of the companies’ leadership.

City journalists have a significant impact on the perceptions of companies amongst investors and important influencers in the world of business and politics. Understanding their views is key in developing strong and robust media and corporate strategies.

Pulse Report
Bespoke Work
Reputation Research

In addition to our annual research studies, we also conduct a number of bespoke projects throughout the year to respond to specific questions.


These Pulse Research projects provide a timely sense of what any stakeholders are thinking on any specific topic.

If you have time for more, take a tour wth our downloadable PDF.  Just click the button above.

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