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At the heart of what we do is a desire to do better. We are a small company with big ambitions to support our local community and the good causes celebrated by our team.

Members of the team are currently working to support the Woodland Trust in various media projects.

We have also mentored local young people and are now looking to expand that project.

Much more significantly however is the fact that we are proud to support our Head of Research, Lauri Pastrone in taking time away, to build two amazing projects for women in developing countries and war torn parts of the world.

She has achieved an amazing feat - creating a cook book called Share in support of the charity Women for Women - a charity which helps women survivors of war rebuild their lives. Her book, not only celebrated the work of the charity but also showed that as societies and nations - our actions, however small, have an exponential influence in the world through our shared humanity.  

It sounded like a simple project - but it has an enormous impact.

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep was so impressed - she offered to write the foreward to the book. Amongst the many others who joined in the effort and supplied their own recipes were Paul McCartney (Super vegetable salad) Mia Farrow (Breakfast Pancakes) Richard Branson (Spaghetti bolognese) Emma Thompson (Sausage and cabbage bake) Dame Judy Dench (Bread and butter pudding) Nelson Mandela (Stuffed crab) Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Fruit Salad with passion fruit syrup) Barbara Broccoli (Chocolate celebration cake)  and many others whose names you will and will not know

You can buy the book and support the charity by clicking the picture opposite. Lauri and of course PressChoice - makes no money at all from any sale

share cookbook Women for Women
Peace By Piece
A new adventure

Lauri's new adventure is to create a business for those in the developing world who are eager to create their own livelihoods through making corporate gifts. The adventure is only just beginning, but we would like to share some of those gifts with our clients - do get in touch if you haven't received one. We also encourage you to visit the dedicated website which you can find here in case your company is looking for corporate gifts with meaning and impact.

Find our more by downloading this small brochure

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