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Media & Presentation Training

Media Training

Customers' Comments

"The set up was professional, the interviewers experienced and the content completely relevant to our roles. Any cynicism I had about a templated media session disappeared when we met the team." Senior Manager, Financial Services Firm.

"The feedback was constructive, but did not avoid difficult or direct comments about areas that needed improvement. This meant I walked away with pointers relevant to me as an individual and genuinely valuable insight at that." Senior Manager, Financial Services Firm.

"It was a very useful session with PressChoice. There was good practical help and the feedback was honest which made a real difference."  Relationship Manager, Financial Services Firm.

Our Media Training Programme

Each coaching programme is designed especially for the clients involved. As you can see from the above feedback, we ensure we respond to each person's personal needs and ambitions. 

Our programme puts participants in controlled but realistic situations with a full crew of camera, lighting, sound and playback facilities so the situation is exactly what they might meet in a real media interview. Our reporters are some of the best in the business and have a wide experience of working for some of the world's major TV and Radio stations.

We conduct numerous interviews based on the participants area of expertise and review immediately to discuss their approach. We also conduct crisis sessions in which interviews respond to simulations of a business crisis and how they would cope both behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

In the week before the sessions each participant is contacted to discover their areas of concern or where they would like to concentrate their time. After the session each participant is contacted to see if they felt it was useful and what else could be done. Each participant receives a video of their work on that day.

Improve your presentations and speeches

Not Just Media Training - We can help with training to be a better presenter for your internal & external presentations. Click below for more details about our programme for presentation training from  the experts.

We'd love to explain more about how our media training programme can help you and even be part of a wider employee enrichment programme.  


So if you would like to hear how we can help, please email us using the form below. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

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