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A More Engaging Approach

We use a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis which builds on in-depth substantial interviews that we conduct with senior opinion formers. That research helps us develop a compelling, instructive and actionable review of your corporate profile and media effectiveness.


Our research not only helps you see where your company sits in the market but also how to improve its position.

The PressChoice reputation reports include a range of innovative graphics to bring a presentation to life and which you can re-use in your own presentations to colleagues and elsewhere.

Making Contact

Summary charts provide at-a-glance views of the company's major reputation strengths and weaknesses.

Impact Summary

We provide lists of journalists who want to meet you and learn more about your business

Company achievements compared with similar organisations in the industry. We track changes in performance  over up to 10 years

Comparative Performance
Company Characteristics

We analysis which characteristics most senior opinion formers associate with both the brand and the company. 

Quantitative & Qualitative analysis of the most important reputation performance metrics and analysis of the changes that would have the biggest effect on improving a company's reputation. 

Performance Metrics
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