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Quick Videos Are King


78% of journalists think Twitter is the best platform for a company to engage with the media, that’s more than double than favour LinkedIn. 


Journalists do not expect to find press releases on social media and can react badly to social media feeds from companies who fill their social platforms with press releases. 


However journalists responding to the 2019 PressChoice research say they would generally be happy to view a short video or graphic that they can understand quickly. Generally 1 minute videos or less work best.


“Journalists are so time poor that they don’t have time to read long press releases, especially on social media. What they are looking for is a very short video or graphic with a couple of lines to catch their eye. Keep it simple and in under a minute they understand the subject and know whether to enquire further.” – Chris Stenlake, Director of Data and Analytics at PressChoice.


The PressChoice survey involved over 230 journalists across 55 publications.

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